Teachers' Online Searching in Science

Carol A.M Brown
Given the prevalence of web use by teachers and students and the need for all citizens to be information literate, teachers across curricula are expected to model and develop information literacy and web searching skills within their classrooms. Unfortunately, little is known about how teachers search for and evaluate information online, especially within subject specific contexts. This study investigated teachers' cognition and metacognition related to searching for resources related to
more » ... teaching. Eleven secondary science teachers participated in the study. Results highlighted that teachers drew heavily on their science knowledge or past teaching experience when generating search terms. When evaluating resources, teachers considered accuracy of science content, credibility, and the appropriateness of the resource for their teaching context, among other factors. All teachers demonstrated metacognitive knowledge; some exhibited spontaneous metacognitive awareness and control. Finally, there was evidence that participation in the research prompted teachers' metacognitive awareness. iii Preface This thesis is an original work by Carol Brown. The research project of which this thesis is a part,
doi:10.7939/r3901zp0k fatcat:k6vhb7ziu5hefaijwtaij4gvkq