Technical chemistry

1871 Journal of the Chemical Society (Resumed)  
DR. WITTSTEIN obtained a ssmple of iodine containing much iodine cyanide, distributed throughout its mass in the form of white needles. By rubbing a weighed quantity with an excess of mercury, washing out the iodine cyanide and weighing the residue of mercury and mercurous iodide, it was found that the sample contained 28.75 per cent. of the iodine cyanide. On endeavouring to remove the impurity by sublimation (on the large scale), so much iodine was found t o accompany the cyanide that the
more » ... yanide that the attempt was abandoned. The sublimate contained 56.8 per cent. iodine cyanide. Herzog (Archiv. der Pharm. lxi, 129) has shown that iodine containing iodine cyanide, when treated with iron and water, gives a liquid containing both iodide and cyanide of iron, but that when this is acted on by potassium carbonate the whole of the cyanogen is precipitated, and that therefore the pofassium iodide so prepared is free from potamium cyanide.
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