Methods nurses with violent and aggressive patient / Postupci medicinske sestre i tehničara sa nasilnim i agresivnim bolesnikom

Vesna Cmiljanić
Aggression is an act of threats directed at others who may be verbal, physical or sexual nature. Medical management of aggressive behavior among the psychiatric emergency area in which decisions must be made quickly in a short period of time. Quality of medical services largely depends on the level of knowledge and training of nurses. High frequency and diversity of occurrence of aggressive and violent behavior by the medical staff not only to the psychiatric ward, the necessity to a wider
more » ... of health professionals meet and train to work with such patients in first aid, health care and therapy. For emergencies in psychiatry, particularly aggressive behavior, most often there is no time for planning and setting goals of care. These conditions require a high level of expertise, training and knowledge of the medical technicians to act "here and now". Working with these patients has its own characteristics and is different from other medical interventions in emergency situations.
doi:10.7251/sez0114032c fatcat:und4w6pc2rghthansyo5ulhspq