Thermobaric depth settings of sedimentary rock basins and their fluid dynamics: Communication 3. Superhigh pressures in the stratisphere and salt diapirs

V. N. Kholodov
2019 Литология и полезные ископаемые  
The article discusses the patterns of location and the conditions for the formation of salt diapirs. Their formation is associated with thick salt cjmpleses in which phase transformations within closed physicochemical systems form ultrahigh pressures. The latter are the cause of the flow of salts and their penetration through tectonic cracks and fractures to the earth's surface. The similarity of the formation of salt diapirs and mud volcanoes is emphasized. The possibility of the influence of
more » ... ltrahigh pressures on the autonomous folding of the sedimentary cover is assumed.
doi:10.31857/s0024-497x20192130-148 fatcat:ijoxzbp6yvffnlkkzj7xb37izy