Learning Item-Interaction Embeddings for User Recommendations [article]

Xiaoting Zhao, Raphael Louca, Diane Hu, Liangjie Hong
2018 arXiv   pre-print
Industry-scale recommendation systems have become a cornerstone of the e-commerce shopping experience. For Etsy, an online marketplace with over 50 million handmade and vintage items, users come to rely on personalized recommendations to surface relevant items from its massive inventory. One hallmark of Etsy's shopping experience is the multitude of ways in which a user can interact with an item they are interested in: they can view it, favorite it, add it to a collection, add it to cart,
more » ... se it, etc. We hypothesize that the different ways in which a user interacts with an item indicates different kinds of intent. Consequently, a user's recommendations should be based not only on the item from their past activity, but also the way in which they interacted with that item. In this paper, we propose a novel method for learning interaction-based item embeddings that encode the co-occurrence patterns of not only the item itself, but also the interaction type. The learned embeddings give us a convenient way of approximating the likelihood that one item-interaction pair would co-occur with another by way of a simple inner product. Because of its computational efficiency, our model lends itself naturally as a candidate set selection method, and we evaluate it as such in an industry-scale recommendation system that serves live traffic on Etsy.com. Our experiments reveal that taking interaction type into account shows promising results in improving the accuracy of modeling user shopping behavior.
arXiv:1812.04407v1 fatcat:vqfqm3iwwza7lghjgan2wbztre