Insights into the electromagnetic properties of the resonant slow-wave circuits from the resonant cavity perspective

Suye Lü, Changqing Zhang, Ge Yu, Chang Zhao, Enzhong Tan
2019 AIP Advances  
A GW-level Ku-band oversized coaxial relativistic Cerenkov generator with low guiding magnetic field AIP Advances 9, 065006 (2019); Absorption spectra and electric field distributions of butterfly wing scale models coated with a metal film studied by finite-difference time-domain method AIP Advances 9, 075311 (2019); Bio-inspired tunable anisotropic thermal conductivities investigation of periodic lattice composite via external
more » ... strains AIP Advances 9, 075316 (2019); https://doi. ABSTRACT A multigap resonant cavity can simply be regarded as either a slow-wave structure (SWS) with shorted ends or as a resonator. However, two distinct physical images will be obtained when characterizing the electromagnetic properties of such circuits. In particular, dispersion is no longer a necessary concept from the resonant cavity perspective. The periodicity of the circuit and the synchronization characteristics with the beam are incorporated in the longitudinal electric field shape. Thus, we present insights from the resonant cavity perspective by taking the resonant rectangular grating SWS as an example. It is found that even if the fields are originally expressed as normal modes, they can be transformed into the space harmonic form. This is thought to be the result of the periodicity of the circuit, which provides a connection between the multigap resonant cavity and the SWS. We present the findings and discuss their physical significance.
doi:10.1063/1.5100816 fatcat:svyc6psp5nbatibdx3e3lthv6i