The Planet Mars—Is It Inhabited?

1873 Scientific American  
Can it be possible that in all the vast universe but a single planet, and that the merest infinitesimal portion of the grand wh.ole, can be the ab.ode of living creatures such as .ourselves? Does Science tep ch that .other w.or Ids are un peopled deserts, serving n.o .other purp.ose than t.o traverse their .orbits obedient to the Dinne will? Such are the ques tions which astr.on.omers have been fo rced to meet and an swer, unaided except bytJole testim.ony aff.orded by analogy and by
more » ... y and by deducti.ons theory, based perhaps .on evidlmce main· ly presumptive. sn.ow and, ice. These arctic regi.ons appear t.o extend during the Martial winter to parallel 45° .of latitude, .or as if the ice .of N .orth America, in our winter, sh.ould reach d.own as far
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican09271873-195 fatcat:5b4vr47sfvh7bduub2wxpjnifi