The eastward transition of Chinese culture in the Eastern Han Dynasty and the north-south difference of scholarship & literature in the Eastern Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties

CAO Daoheng
2008 Frontiers of Literary Studies in China  
The text investigates into the historical background of the formation of Guanzhong cultural center and its eastward transition since the Eastern Han Dynasty moved its capital to Luoyang. It further analyzes the complicated causes of the literary flourishing in such places as Runan, Yingchuan, Nanyang and its influences upon the contemporaneous literature development, so as to elucidate various reasons for the great different scholarship and literature between the North and the South in the
more » ... e South in the Eastern Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties. Among them one of the most important causes was that they had inherited different traditions.
doi:10.1007/s11702-008-0001-6 fatcat:bju4mx5mdnbz3ltl5sxsqccasq