A New Species of the Genus Halectinosoma Vervoort, 1962 (Copepoda: Harpacticoida: Ectinosomatidae) from the East Coast of Korea, with a Key to Species of the Curticorne-Group

Hyun Woo Bang
2020 Taxonomy  
A new species of genus Halectinosoma Vervoort, 1962 was collected from the east coast of Korea. The genus Halectinosoma comprises about 70 species, but only three species have previously been reported in East Asia. Halectinosoma munmui sp. nov. is morphologically most closely related to H. langi Wells 1967 from Inhaca Island, Mozambique, and H. oblongum (Kunz, 1949) from Heligoland island, Germany, however clearly distinguishable from it based on the following morphological characteristics:
more » ... gmented and elongated female antennule, mandible gnathobase without seta, about 5.6 times as long as the greatest width of the basis of the maxilliped, and outer seta of the P5 endopodal lobe longer than the inner seta. A key to species of the curticorne-group of Halectinosoma is provided.
doi:10.3390/taxonomy1010002 fatcat:4g4fgx4pfjgajly2nqj6cpux74