Diabetes Knowledge, Beliefs, and Treatments in the Hmong Population: An Exploratory Study Diabetes knowledge, beliefs, and treatments in the Hmong population: An exploratory Study

Miguel Perez, Miguel Perez, Koua Cha, B Mcnair Scholar
Diabetes mellitus, a chronic health condition, affecting over 18 million Americans has been found to disproportionably affect members of minority groups. To-date, limited research has been conducted to understand the etiology of the disease in the Hmong community many of whom migrated to the United States from Southeast Asia. The purpose of this study was to investigate knowledge, beliefs, and treatment of diabetes in the Hmong community in Fresno County. Thirty-three participants between the
more » ... pants between the age of 18 and 65 participated in this survey which included qualitative and quantitative questions. Findings from this survey revealed that the majority of study participants had no knowledge of the disease. Results from the survey also revealed misconceptions about the disease (e.g., believing a person can catch the disease by eating too many sweet foods). The study also revealed that the majority of study participants utilize traditional Hmong remedies such as herbs, including plants and tree roots for diabetes treatments..