R. Kamalambigeswari, S. Sharmila, E. Kowsalya, Shankar Singh, Arun Naik, L. Jeyanthi Rebecca
2021 Plant Archives  
In this process of extracting Milk Plastic Water Resistant Glue from the casein 3 type of milk soya milk, fresh cow milk and the pastured milk were used. Casein was extracted and vinegar was added while milk was getting heated. Casein was separated, and dried for 2-3 days. Milk Plastic that was obtained was heated with distilled water. A pinch of papain is added and made it hot for 4 hours and then 1N of NaOH is added and heated for few minutes. The collected sample is centrifuged at 12000 rpm
more » ... nd the glue was obtained. The glue is stored at -200C. 2 card board pieces was stacked together by using this glue and dipped in water to check the water resistance. It was stable for about 10 minutes and then it was loosened. It is little expensive comparing to other glues when it was did with pure milk while if it is done with waste milk product its cost will be low.
doi:10.51470/plantarchives.2021.v21.no1.044 fatcat:bd6zwmudfbekbpfdelb2tjahsu