Miniature diamond anvil cell for3He insert into quantum design physical property measurement system

K. V. Kamenev, J. Sanchez-Benitez, S. Tancharakorn
2007 High Pressure Research  
We report on the design of a miniature high-pressure cell designed to work at sub-Kelvin temperatures with 3 He insert into a commercially available physical property measurement system (PPMS) which is popular among researchers. The issue of severe space limitation around the 3 He sample platform has been overcome by using a new design for an opposed-anvil pressure cell, which we called a split-cylinder design. To our knowledge, this is the first pressure cell created for 3 He insert into PPMS
more » ... nd probably one of the smallest pressure cells ever made for resistivity measurements. The pressure cell itself has been built from non-magnetic Cu-Be alloy and used with diamond anvils generating pressures of 10 GPa. The cell has been used for electrical resistivity measurements using standard PPMS data acquisition system. In addition to the pressure cell, a special holder has been built to maintain the alignment of the cell during pressure applications.
doi:10.1080/08957950601000054 fatcat:5kjoooenl5b2lf37fzlbhi4ffi