Cell-in-cell structures in BxPC3 pancreatic cancer cell line are the result of entosis

2014 ScienceOpen Posters  
Entosis is a process which occurs between two epithelial cells after losing their connection to the basement membrane. It starts with activating Rho kinase pathway in one cell. Then, this cell forms adherens junction with another detached cell and actively invades into it to create cell-in-cell structure. The inner cell preserves its morphology and maintains proper mitochondrial potential while being inside another cell. As a result of entosis the inner cell may undergo lysosomal degradation,
more » ... omal degradation, mitotic division or leaving the outer cell with no harmful effects. Two last options prove that the condition of inner cell is quite good. Entosis was named in 2007 and still needs better molecular characteristics. Entosis was observed in physiological cells (e.g. in breast epithelial cells) and in pathological cases (for example in breast epithelial cancer).
doi:10.14293/s2199-1006.1.sop-med.aega6w.v1 fatcat:7if6da224bgyxie2ymwbzcwnyu