Technology and Construction Techniques Development in Jordanian Building Sector

Zaid A.O. Aldeek
2016 Research Journal of Applied Sciences Engineering and Technology  
The aim of this study is to provide evidence on how rigidity in architectural design processes is the major cause of the confused situation in Jordanian building and architectural development. The Jordanian construction sector has developed in a manner that does not adhere to normal processes of building to global construction procedures. Specifically, many construction process technologies adopted in recent times are not designed to meet the country's needs. Thus, this sector is characterized
more » ... r is characterized by anomalous development characterized by an accelerated and increased evolution. Many factors distort these processes and technologies without any concern for local considerations; for instance, the erecting of buildings without future planning, such as by using imported materials and techniques with minimal analysis of whether they will be suitable for local conditions. At other times, builders use traditional materials and technologies in a nostalgic fashion without considering their clients' needs for modernization. Disconnected urban planning and the separation between architecture and urban design further contribute to this issue. Therefore, in this study, we focus on the importance of technological reading of the design process, as it provides valid tools to support the designer in his complex work. This is particularly essential in underdeveloped urban sectors where the industry is characterized by unpredictable variables and unexpected factors. A crucial part of this study is to determine the role of technology in design process by examining local and regional examples. By using real-life cases rather than theoretical studies, we demonstrate how the current design process is not flexible and inappropriate for the general conditions in Jordan. Keywords: Compatible and appropriate technology, local and vernacular architecture, regional architecture, Technology and techniques, technology as language of design, the energy management in traditional buildings
doi:10.19026/rjaset.13.3053 fatcat:gs5wcm2kajda3g3astv6vwhfiq