Simultaneous observation of wind shears and misalignments from rotor loads

S. Cacciola, M. Bertelè, C.L. Bottasso
2016 Journal of Physics, Conference Series  
Wind shear proportional errors in the horizontal wind speed sensed by focused, range gated lidars P Lindelöw, M Courtney, R Parmentier et al. Compensation of vector and volume averaging bias in lidar wind speed measurements P J M Clive Abstract. A wind turbine is used in this paper as a sensor to measure the wind conditions at the rotor disk. In fact, as any anisotropy in the wind will lead to a specific signature in the machine response, by inverting a response model one may infer its
more » ... g cause, i.e. the wind. Control laws that exploit this knowledge can be used to enhance the performance of a wind turbine or a wind power plant. This idea is used in the present paper to formulate a linear implicit model that relates wind states and rotor loads. Simulations are run in both uniform and turbulent winds, using a high-fidelity aeroservoleastic wind turbine model. Results demonstrate the ability of the proposed observer in detecting the horizontal and vertical wind misalignments, as well as the vertical and horizontal shears.
doi:10.1088/1742-6596/753/5/052002 fatcat:4l7ljjva7jbkdhlrrd46apnhtq