Characterization of elastomer sliding behavior across silica and polydimethylsiloxane grafted surfaces

Lars H. Genieser, Kees C. P. Hendriks, Frank T. P. Baaijens, Han E. H. Meijer
2000 Journal of rheology  
Synopsis A novel combination of experimental techniques including a lateral force apparatus was developed for the purpose of characterizing the slip of polymer materials over hard surfaces. Quantitative shear stress data were obtained by sliding a crosslinked polydimethylsiloxane elastomer across smooth flat-tipped styli ͑mesas͒. A first set of mesas had a native silica ͑SiO͒ surface; a second set was functionalized with linear hydroxyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane ͑PDMS-OH͒ polymers. The
more » ... ar stress associated with sliding across the SiO mesas was as much as a factor of 10 greater than that for sliding across the PDMS-OH functionalized mesas. Possible mechanisms underlying this difference in behavior are discussed.
doi:10.1122/1.1289285 fatcat:pqrojaygszb2rlqohi4hvaeouu