Health Literacy in the United States of America: Cost Perspectives

Emily Reeves, Alistair Fyfe, Alexis Bain
2020 International Journal of e-Healthcare Information Systems  
Health literacy in the United States of America is approached from multiple cost perspectives. The current effects of health literacy are not new to the medical world, however, as the need for medical attention has increased, the average literary level of the individual is decreasing. This has produced an indirectly proportional relationship between people that are not well versed in health care information and their use of health care facilities. There has been a demand for consumers to be
more » ... health literate individuals which would assist in removing the strain that the medical industry has been exposed to over the last few decades. Health literacy is a currency that is used to produce proper exchanges between patients, medical professionals, and healthcare facilities. As the medical industry continues to evolve and revolutionize, it has had its share of damning yields, due to the lack of understanding obtained by their consumers. Oliffe et al. [33] found that in terms of medication comprehension approximately 60 % of patients operate at a level that is less than or equal to
doi:10.20533/ijehis.2046.3332.2020.0026 fatcat:lrdmrab3sbdwfjhc7tezg6vbpu