The Great "She" Bible.—III

1890 Library  
Bible to be collated with ease. The first column gives the signature of the sheet. It must be understood that AI includes the leaves AI and A6 ; A2 includes A2 and A5 ; A3 includes A3 and A4. The second column gives the reference to the test word, book, chapter, verse, and line in the verse, m signifies margin. The third, fourth and fifth columns give carefully-selected tests by which the A, B, and c sheets may be discriminated throughout the large portion of the Bible where duplicated sheets
more » ... duplicated sheets exist. Wherever possible, the editor's space and the collator's time are saved by the choice of a single test, which will serve for all three sheets. Now and then such single test could not be found, and then two tests are given, each of which discriminates one sheet from the other two. The use of facsimile reproductions of the large initials, in which Fry indulges with regal magnificence, has been avoided as far as possible, not merely for the sake of economy, but also because in practical use they are less convenient than the humbler tests which I offer. The point of the test often consists in the distribution of words in the line. The mark / signifies the beginning or end of a line. Thus for one of the tests we have A
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