Molecular Tagging Diagnostics for the Study of Kinematics and Mixing in Liquid Phase Flows [chapter]

M. M. Koochesfahani, R. K. Cohn, C. P. Gendrich, D. G. Nocera
1997 Developments in Laser Techniques and Fluid Mechanics  
This work reports our recent developments of novel techniques for velocimetry and studies of the Lagrangian evolution of mixing interfaces based on molecular tagging approaches. These developments take advantage of a class of newly engineered phosphorescent supramolecules that are water soluble. Previous implementations using photochromic molecules and caged fluorescein are briefly discussed and compared. The application of molecular tagging velocimetry is demonstrated in several flow fields,
more » ... cluding examples which illustrate its capability in flows with significant out-of-plane motion and its potential for simultaneous passive scalar and velocity measurements.
doi:10.1007/978-3-642-60911-4_9 fatcat:2duvu5wkkbhj7ezjg4ui2valmi