Foreign gene expression by a baculovirus vector with an expanded host range

H. Mori, H. Nakazawa, N. Shirai, N. Shibata, M. Sumida, F. Matsubara
1992 Journal of General Virology  
A nuclear polyhedrosis virus (NPV) (Baculoviridae)based gene expression system was improved by DNA recombination. The BmN cell line established from Bombyx mori and the Sf21 cell line established from Spodopterafrugiperda are non-permissive for Autographa californica multicapsid NPV (AcMNPV) and B. mori NPV (BmNPV) replication, respectively. After cotransfection of AcMNPV DNA and BamHI-di-
doi:10.1099/0022-1317-73-7-1877 pmid:1629707 fatcat:3e53axueybdehpiy7qcod6exai