Pixel-based Character Image Compression for Data Transfer from ARM Controller to FPGA System

Thanh-Hai Nguyen, Ba-Viet Ngo, Thanh-Tam Nguyen, Duc-Dung Vo, Truong-Duy Nguyen
2019 American Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering  
This paper proposes a pixel-based compression algorithm for character digital image in improving the storage of characters in memory during system operation. In particular, in this algorithm, each character binary image in text is grouped by binary numbers and then encoded to reduce the character image capacity of the character compared to the original character. In addition, a novel point in this algorithm is that one character image type is differently grouped binary numbers for compressing.
more » ... herefore, the compressed character image is stored in a memory using an ARM microcontroller system and transferred to an FPGA module for decoding before printing. Moreover, the compression ratio of each character is high or low depending on the font type of image characters. Therefore, the high compression ratio using this compression algorithm will allow saving memory space in the memory system. Simulation results show to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm and also this compression algorithm was implemented to texts with characters for encoder data transfer from an ARM microcontroller into an FPGA system for effectively printing the text/logo/barcode/QR code/expired date on products with high speed after decoding. Moreover, this compression algorithm can be developed to apply to many different font types and sizes, as well as be utilized different microcontrollers/Microprocessors connected to FPGA systems for processing with high speed. It means that one industrial system using this algorithm can obtain very high performance related to processing digital image characters.
doi:10.11648/j.ajece.20190302.12 fatcat:2z5unk3kobcktlyyghhekgt2ze