Mass and angular momentum loss of fast rotating stars via decretion disks

Jiří Krtička, Stan P. Owocki, Georges Meynet
2010 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractThe spinup of massive stars induced by evolution of the stellar interior can bring the star to near-critical rotation. In critically rotating stars the decrease of the stellar moment of inertia must be balanced by a net loss of angular momentum through an equatorial decretion disk. We examine the nature and role of mass loss via such disks. In contrast to the usual stellar wind mass loss set by exterior driving from the stellar luminosity, such decretion-disk mass loss stems from the
more » ... s stems from the angular momentum loss needed to keep the star near and below critical rotation, given the interior evolution and decline in the star's moment of inertia. Because the specific angular momentum in a Keplerian disk increases with the square root of the radius, the decretion mass loss associated with a required level of angular momentum loss critically depends on the outer radius for viscous coupling of the disk, and can be significantly less than the spherical, wind-like mass loss commonly assumed in evolutionary calculations.
doi:10.1017/s1743921311010052 fatcat:utyog5rs2jh2pktabx3r4cjxsy