Maxilo-facial surgery

I Eva, R Tiutiuca, C Stanciu
Varices (milk leg) represent pathological dilatations of the superficial veins at the level of the inferior members. Up to now, the strictly anatomical aspect of varix formations inspired only traditional, strictly ablative treatments, generally applied without aiming at improving the hae-modynamic condition of veins. Haemodynamic surgery attempts at modifying the reflux pattern, while preserving the most efficient channels of venous drainage. Implementation of such a treatment requires an
more » ... nt requires an exact understanding of the physiological principles and of the reflux patterns on which haemodynamic surgery relies. Ecographic evaluation of the venous system in patients with varicose dila-tations permits drawing of a detailed map of the venous system, and also of its haemodynamic pattern [1]. Consequently , CHIVA appears as a viable therapy, applicable in outpatient services, as well. Post-surgery results are excellent and patients' comfort is appreciated as highly satisfactory. The method is reliable, having produced no incidents, accidents or complications.