Design and Analysis of Non-Conventional Co-Axial Rotor Blade for Multipurpose Drone

Ravi, Jangir, B Londhe
2015 International Engineering Research Journal   unpublished
ARTICLE INFO Conventional helicopters endure of many disadvantages such as intensified weight and cost, restriction of aero dynamic structure, and displacement of centre of gravity. A co-axial helicopter overcomes most of the disadvantages of a single rotor helicopter with a better dynamic stability. The purposes of the drones have been exemplified by the rising advent of technology. The speed, agility and conformance to purpose have remained the key parameters to design and development of the
more » ... erospace Vehicles. This design utilizes the Co-Axial Rotor with 4 blades each mounted over the fuselage at a distance. The design of the rotor blade with variable twist along the length and a special set of aerofoils with different chord lengths are used. The Co-Axial rotor eliminates the use of rear rotor in conventional helicopters and instead a propeller is used to push the drone to the maximum limit. This project will include selection of suitable aerofoils and design of the blades for the Co-Axial Rotor Drone with the help of CFD, capturing the aerodynamic interaction and calculating the total lift generated.