The Prevalence and Progression of Different Thyroid Tumors among Patients Referred to Shahid Sadughi Hospital: 9 Years Follow-Up Study

Mahsa Elahi, Maryam Elahi, Reza Moghaddam, Masoud Rahmanian
Objective: The study evaluated the prevalence and progression of different thyroid tumors in patients who referred to Shahid Sadoughi Hospital during 2005 to 2013, Yazd, Iran. Materials and Methods: In this retrospective follow-up study, cytopathological data of patients suffering from thyroid masses was collected during 2005-2013. Age and sex of patients were recorded. Results: Totally, 2055 patients were evaluated in this study. The patients were between 21-50 years old .Among the patients,
more » ... thological types identified were as follow: 86.8% goiter, 5.8% inflammatory lesions, 3.2% follicular lesions, 3.5%papillary carcinoma and 0.8% follicular neoplasm. Among 2055 patients, 91.7% were women and 8% were men. The frequency of thyroid nodules was increased from 2003 to 2013 with steep slope. Conclusion: In total, regarding the current study, different kinds of thyroid tumors had growing trends in recent years and new plan and strategies are recommended to deal with this problem.