Survival of Salmonellae and Mycobacteria in Salted and Unsalted Swine Guts Used as Sausage Casing and Sausage Emulsion of a Hard Salami

J. Palásek, M. Pavlas, Iva Kubů
1991 Acta Veterinaria Brno  
p albek J.~ M. Pavlas~ Iva Kubii: SUTtJifJal of Salmonellae a'ltl MyctJbactma in Salted and Unsalted Swine Guts used as Sausage Casing a'ltl Sausage Emulsion .of a liard Salami •. Acta vet. Bmo~ 60, 1991: 375-381. Salmonellae survived at room temperature (18-22°C) in salted swine guts used as sausage casing for 7-21 days. At cooling temperature (4°C), Salmonella typhimurium was reisolated after revival from control unsalted guts still after 70 days, and in the salted ones even after 1~ days. S.
more » ... n after 1~ days. S. enteritidis was less resistant at 4 °C than S. typhimurium. surviving 28 lUld 126 days in unsalted and salted guts, respectively. M. intracellulare and M. afJium SQl'Vived in unsalted guts 91 and 35 days, re-lIpectively. In salted guts. the survival of M. afJium was 6 times longer compared with that in unsalted ones. The dynamics of mycobacterium survival indicate that in salted guts stored at cooling temperature, M. afJium and M. intracellulare are killed within 6 and 12 months, respectively. During the ripening of a hard salami (polian), processed without heat treatment, S. enteritidis was reisolated after revival even after 42 days, while,S. typhimurium was killed after 35 days already.
doi:10.2754/avb199160040375 fatcat:mshw72dhtfdofod7gr7rcrlz4y