Mycoplasma Hyorhinis Infection Promotes NF- B-Dependent Migration of Gastric Cancer Cells

H. Duan, L. Chen, L. Qu, H. Yang, S. W. Song, Y. Han, M. Ye, W. Chen, X. He, C. Shou
2014 Cancer Research  
Chronic infection of Mycoplasma hyorhinis (M. hyorhinis) has been postulated to be associated with several types of cancer, but its effect on patients' survival and host factors mediating its infection remain unclear. Herein, we demonstrated that M. hyorhinis p37 protein expression in gastric cancer tissues predicts poor survival and associates with metastasis. M. hyorhinis infects mammalian cells and promotes gastric cancer cell invasiveness via its membrane protein p37. Synthesized peptide
more » ... responding to the N-terminus of p37 prevents M. hyorhinis infection. Host Annexin A2 (ANXA2) interacts with the N-terminus of p37. In addition, EGFR forms a complex with p37 and ANXA2, and is required for M. hyorhinis-induced phosphorylation and membrane recruitment of ANXA2. M. hyorhinis infection is inhibited by siRNA-mediated knockdown of ANXA2 or EGFR, but is enhanced by expression of ectopic ANXA2 or EGFR. Downstream of ANXA2 and EGFR, the NF-kB pathway is activated and mediates M. hyorhinis-driven cell migration. In conclusion, our study unveils the effect of M. hyorhinis infection on gastric cancer survival and uncovers the mechanisms by which M. hyorhinis infects mammalian cells and promotes cancer cell migration. Cancer Res; 74(20); 5782-94. Ó2014 AACR.
doi:10.1158/0008-5472.can-14-0650 pmid:25136068 fatcat:6lpl7qxaljhi5mnjo6br2745ca