Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Utilization and Infrastructure Alignment in Construction Organizations

Hassan Khames Eliwa, Mostafa Babaeian Jelodar, Mani Poshdar
2022 Buildings  
Information and communication technology (ICT) is one of the important factors that support construction project performance. Various studies have concluded that by aligning the ICT utilization with organizational ICT infrastructure, better performance outcomes can be achieved from the project to organization level. A positive connection between utilization of ICT and project performance has been established. However, the effects of ICT utilization strategy alignment with the organizational ICT
more » ... infrastructure on construction project performance have not been investigated. This research evaluates and analyzes the importance of organizational ICT infrastructure to improve ICT utilization not just at the project level but also at the level of construction organizations. The main objective of this research is to investigate whether the effect of ICT utilization on project performance may be restricted and affected by its alignment with the ICT infrastructure level in the organization. The analyses of ICT infrastructure, ICT usage, and their associations with project performance are based on case studies of projects and organizations from the New Zealand construction sector. A method of evaluating ICT utilization and ICT infrastructure is proposed. This allows for further detailed examination of the strategic alignment between ICT utilization and organizational infrastructure. The effects of this strategic alignment on project performance are discussed and recommendations for the optimal strategic utilization are provided.
doi:10.3390/buildings12030281 fatcat:rmbdiawc5jgwlpbuyhyfb6sksy