No expansion of the pre-B and B-cell compartments in the bone marrow of patients with multiple myeloma

C Duperray, R Bataille, J M Boiron, I A Haagen, J F Cantaloube, X G Zhang, C Boucheix, B Klein
1991 Cancer Research  
We have recently demonstrated that the CD24 antigen density of bone marrow (BM) lymphoid cells discriminates between pre-B cells and mature B-cells. Using this new method, we evaluated the B-cell lineage in the BM and peripheral blood (PB) of 18 patients with multiple myeloma (MM). First, the percentage of pre-B cells was significantly reduced by 40% in the BM of patients with MM: 2.3% +/- 2.2% versus 5.7% +/- 2.8% of normal BM lymphoid cells (P less than 0.01). This finding was associated with
more » ... a significant reduction (50%) of the percentage of mature B-cells in both BM and PB, especially in patients with progressive disease (P less than 0.05). In contrast to what has been reported previously, we have not found any pre-B cells in the PB of these patients with MM. Secondly, BM pre-B and B-cell patients with MM did not express any activation markers (CD23, CD25, or CD71 antigens) and no CD5+ B-cells were found in the BM unlike in PB (8% CD5+ B-cells). Taken together, these data do not support the concept of a direct involvement (i.e, expansion or activation) of pre-B cells in MM without excluding the possibility of an early oncogenic event at the pre-B cell stage. Furthermore, our data emphasize this important reduction of the B-cell compartment (including that of pre-B cell) as a major cause of the humoral immunodeficiency in MM.
pmid:1904006 fatcat:zjhb3cs3irf5nh24ryamxnmfoe