QED Effects in Molecules: Test on Rotational Quantum States ofH2

E. J. Salumbides, G. D. Dickenson, T. I. Ivanov, W. Ubachs
2011 Physical Review Letters  
Quantum electrodynamic effects have been systematically tested in the progression of rotational quantum states in the X ^1Σ_g^+, v=0 vibronic ground state of molecular hydrogen. High-precision Doppler-free spectroscopy of the EF ^1Σ_g^+ - X ^1Σ_g^+ (0,0) band was performed with 0.005 cm^-1 accuracy on rotationally-hot H_2 (with rotational quantum states J up to 16). QED and relativistic contributions to rotational level energies as high as 0.13 cm^-1 are extracted, and are in perfect agreement
more » ... ith recent calculations of QED and high-order relativistic effects for the H_2 ground state.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.107.043005 pmid:21867001 fatcat:jmxrqg2ffrccpdy6dmebrz5fme