Automatic segmentation of inner ear on CT-scan using auto-context convolutional neural network

Raabid Hussain, Alain Lalande, Kibrom Berihu Girum, Caroline Guigou, Alexis Bozorg Grayeli
2021 Scientific Reports  
Temporal bone CT-scan is a prerequisite in most surgical procedures concerning the ear such as cochlear implants. The 3D vision of inner ear structures is crucial for diagnostic and surgical preplanning purposes. Since clinical CT-scans are acquired at relatively low resolutions, improved performance can be achieved by registering patient-specific CT images to a high-resolution inner ear model built from accurate 3D segmentations based on micro-CT of human temporal bone specimens. This paper
more » ... sents a framework based on convolutional neural network for human inner ear segmentation from micro-CT images which can be used to build such a model from an extensive database. The proposed approach employs an auto-context based cascaded 2D U-net architecture with 3D connected component refinement to segment the cochlear scalae, semicircular canals, and the vestibule. The system was formulated on a data set composed of 17 micro-CT from public Hear-EU dataset. A Dice coefficient of 0.90 and Hausdorff distance of 0.74 mm were obtained. The system yielded precise and fast automatic inner-ear segmentations.
doi:10.1038/s41598-021-83955-x pmid:33623074 pmcid:PMC7902630 fatcat:wal4phxc5banvaqoe35nmzroju