The Nanaimo Free Press [Wednesday, September 13, 1876] [article]

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Wednesdays and Saturdays, O X£J O IV OItIfcI! Office, -" -* -Commerclil Street. RATES OR SlISCRIPTION. * II Month (*»Ur.cht »i Jy »>*»Uy,chf»i ly atid pnmjpUy. AGENT AT VIOromA-M«. N. BHAKB8PEABK An ExtraorJinarr Fraud-^Ono Uie moat extraordinary cases of fraud Ibat have been reported for a loii/r time past has just been discovered by n private detective firm in Melbourne The daily Telegraph save tha^t abbnl the end of .last month Messrs Col eon, Daniels & C®. furriers of Collins street, made
more » ... e startling discovery that over 100 dozen valuable iJun\ ad mysteriously disappeared from wharelionse with-Ihoir stock in the out the slighte-st clue being afforded of the culprits of the robbery. Books were overhauled and the employes ol nng ibberj the firm subjected to a strict examin ation but natbiog eCaiJ bo discoycred, and the sorviwa of Mr. Otto Ber liner, the well-known , detective were called into re<}uisUion. Mr. Berliner at once proceeded to the fountainbead and placed a lad employed in ib Astabliabmeut under strict sur-reiUance, which was ( xtended to anvitber lad employed by a neighboring ffrm of warehousrmen. Hrviug col-Jecled sufficient data, Mr. Berliner interviewed the one yatfng man, and •extorted a confesaiou which dearly .demonstrated ti^e existence of an elaborate eyatem of fraud at the exftente ofMessrs Culli oa Daniels .k jCo. The statement was in effect, that the lad bad t]^kcu the goods of his employer out of the vrarehouse, iiandod them to his friend at the rear •of the establishment, who took them to the front entrance and resold tbem to their owner. This'was cArried on for several months daring wkich it was computed 150 dotep of opos.ium, kangaroo, swan, and other native skins were stolen and resold to the •deluded firm. Some of the Likins were sold to other hooses the coufedu'aic ' being always the medium of sale. The latter asserted that although the their natural enemios. It iv dtmbt' ful if any of the name birds like grouse and pigeon, ever die of old »gp, or tb® semi-game birds, like the bolmlink br , the "century living crow" but it what other form' eau death overtake the humming bird, or even the swift and barn swalJow?Such are true birds of the air; they may occAoonally be lost at -sea duung their migiatioas, but, so far oa i know, they are not jjreyed upon by any other ttpecies.-John Burroughs in Scribner,. uiade recently ___, doubt of \he feasibility of engulfing tlio tle^ert of Algiers in the waters of the Medditerranean sea. M. Boudaire who is a tlaptain on the French staffj has made a life^stndv of the !.▼ ' geography and commercial develope-Live ment of Algiers. After an exhausti cxplorasiou of the chi basin he be came satisfied that 'the inland ,soa gull which existed icmo twenty cen turies ago can be restored, and that by turning the waters*of the sea up on the dcKcrt the result wbuld^ls exert no inconsiderable influence upon the chranu rce of the civilized world. The bed of the proposed gulf is JoO kilo meters in length by CO* in breadth, ^10 by3C miles, nearly the size of Lake Michigan. Tito would ■ ' --------10(] AiyrG&tii aoTBXr Lanolet St.. VICTORU, B.C. Ch.vs.'Mobton, Proprietor. Bicidv BmDo.
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