Otto Dvořák, František Wald
2015 Civil Engineering Journal  
This article briefly presents the results of measurements of the temperature field, the heat flux density field and chemical analyses of sampled smoke for the content of selected toxicants during large-scale fire test carried out with a passenger car in an open area. The measured values are compared with the values calculated from numerical modelling using the FDS computer software. The severity of the problems is documented by selected data from the statistics of fires of cars in the Czech
more » ... rs in the Czech Republic in the period of 2004-2013 and by the devastating effects of fires on their crew and its surroundings. KEYWORDS Fire test, passenger car, open area, measurement, temperature, heat flux density, chemical analyses of fire effluents, computer modelling The most objective assessment of the fire hazard of the motor vehicle type is a full-scale fire test simulating a fire under defined conditions and connected with measuring the heat release rate, the heat fluxes, the temperature field, the amount of smoke released and the concentration of pollutants contained therein / toxicants incl. rate of spread of fire until a flash-over rise. There is already a number of published results of the tests carried out with the aim of their use in the construction of motor vehicles and the creation/specification of standards and regulations specifying technical vehicles´ parameters and their testing [1] - [6] . Article no. 8 THE CIVIL ENGINEERING JOURNAL 8-2015 -
doi:10.14311/cej.2015.02.0008 fatcat:wmfqfq5k7rad3dtrwmgigz7c3e