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Caterina Barone, John Davidson, Gary Decker, Mark Griffith, Mary Hart, Kenneth Reckford, Oliver Taplin, Peter Toohey, J Walton, David Wiles, Paul Woodruff, Kathryn Bosher (+16 others)
2012 unpublished
Didaskalia (!"!#$%#&ί#) is the term used since ancient times to describe the work a playwright did to teach his chorus and actors the play. The official records of the dramatic festivals in Athens were the !"!#$%#&ί#". Didaskalia now furthers the scholarship of the ancient performance. Didaskalia is an English-language, online publication about the performance of Greek and Roman drama, dance, and music. We publish peer-reviewed scholarship on performance and reviews of the professional activity
more » ... ofessional activity of artists and scholars who work on ancient drama. We welcome submissions on any aspect of the field. If you would like your work to be reviewed, please write to editor@didaskalia.net at least three weeks in advance of the performance date. We also seek interviews with practitioners and opinion pieces. For submission guidelines, go to didaskalia.net.