Transferability and Characterization of Microsatellite Markers from Byrsonima Cydoniifolia A. Juss. (MALPIGHIACEAE) in Seven Related Taxa from Cerrado Biome Reveal Genetic Relationships [post]

Vanessa Bernardes, Devanir M. Murakami, Nair Bizão, Tamara N. Souza, Marcos J. da Silva, Mariana P.C. Telles
2021 unpublished
Byrsonima Rich. is one of the largest genera of the Malpighiaceae family, with 97 species occurrence in Brazil. In this study, 17 microsatellite markers previously developed and characterized in Byrsonima cydoniifolia A. Juss. were tested for seven related taxa. All species tested here are native to Brazil, and of these species four are endemic. Cross-amplification as successfully optimized with high efficiency for all species. Microsatellite markers panels ranged from 11 (64,8%) transfered
more » ... ,8%) transfered markers in B. viminifolia to 6 (35.2%) in B. umbellata. All loci were genotyped for 16 individuals of each species, except for B. viminifolia (14 individuals), then the polymorphic loci were characterized. The total number of alleles per locus across tested species ranged from 5 (B. linearifolia) to 8 (B. subterranea) alleles. B. umbellata showed lower values of observed and expected heterozygosity (Ho = 0.312; He = 0.436) and B. subterranea presented the highest values (Ho = 0.687; He = 0.778). A greater number of microsatellite markers should be developed for B. umbellata, once that the markers set transferred is reasonably informative, due to the greatest genetic divergence between species. The microsatellite marker panels transferred to the species B. intermedia, B. verbascifolia, B. laxiflora, B. subterranea, B. viminifolia and B. linearifolia are very informative, with a high combined probability of exclusion of paternity (Q ≥ 0.976) and the low combined probability of identity (I ≤ 9.91x10− 6), potentially suitable for future genetic-population studies, supporting strategies for maintaining the genetic diversity and for exploration of Byrsonima species as genetic resources.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:lnkclojfqzbxtgri4eqpf45e3u