Master-slave synchronization in the Rayleigh and Duffing oscillators via elastic and dissipative couplings

Ulises Uriostegui-Legorreta, Eduardo Salvador Tututi-Hernández
2022 Revista de Ciencias Tecnológicas  
In this work, a master-slave configuration to obtain synchronization between the Rayleigh and the Duffing oscillators is studied. For this configuration, we analyze the system when the dissipative coupling and one that combines the elastic and dissipative couplings are used. We analyzed the coupling parameters to find the range where synchronization between the oscillators is achieved. We found synchronization in the oscillators for large values of the coupling parameter. Our numerical findings
more » ... show that for the dissipative coupling, there exists partial synchronization while for the others there is complete synchronization.
doi:10.37636/recit.v51151164 fatcat:k3cwltkvhzcqdlhczkgsjnrqpm