Epidemiology the coronary syndromes
Epidemiología de los síndromes coronarios agudos (SICA)

Benjamín Huerta Robles
The Acute Coronary Ischemic Syndrome (ACIS) are a public health problem in the world, prope the morbility/mortality than its represents the ACIS affecting at 1% of the population in the world the third part of world population death by cardiac complications. In USA 85% of persons are diagnoses between 1 million, with ACIS, In Spain each year are detected 98,000 new case of these 23,000 are with lifething ST segment and 47,000 without lifething ST segment. In Mexico the ACIS are the first cause
more » ... eath since nineteens, and in the 2001 year we had 98,941 deaths by ACIS, the National Registry of Acute Coronary Syndrome (RENASICA) it show us who interactive the coronary Illness. In the National Institute of Cardiology was made a registry its show afther a year the same thing than RENASICA.
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