Tendencies of desacralization and symbolism in spiritual culture through the prism of modernity challenges

P. Y u . Saukh, M. S. Melnichuk
2020 Вісник Житомирського державного університету імені Івана Франка. Філософські науки  
The article explores the reasons for the leveling of spiritual Christian values against the background of the modern world. This scientific exploration demarcates the concepts of desacralization and resacralization in the cultural and artistic space of today. It is found that the process of resacralization becomes possible due to the deep archetypes of human consciousness, which replaces the sacred, which has become in modern culture an empty simulacrum. It is outlined that the spiritual
more » ... he spiritual culture of today characterized by an increase in its crisis. The author of the article emphasizes that due to the loss of all values, cultivation of hedonistic individualism in customs, disintegration of sexual morality, triumph in tastes and ideals of eclecticism, the destructive influence of market relations leads to the replacement of spiritual ideals of the past by today's interests. It is emphasized that in art there is pure aesthetics, pure pointlessness and such non-utilitarian art, freedom from any social, ethical or religious involvement, lack of spirituality and morality, aimed only at aesthetic pleasure (pleasant emotional state, pleasant pleasure, feeling), leads to the infinite spirituality of art, and, consequently, to the death of high art, which in the second half of the twentieth century pours into the art activity, abandoned the brush, paints, canvas. It is traced that in art at this time there is a complete rejection of the aesthetic category of beauty and there is a cult of the ugly, there is a dehumanization of art. Denial of imagery by the avant-garde leads to the replacement of a painting or sculpture by a real object (pop art, ready-made), and Dadaism denies all spiritual values, laws of morality, ethics, religion, assertion of chaos and arbitrariness, unbridled nihilism and hysterical overthrow of all morality. _______________________________________________________________________________________________ It was found that against the background of such transformations, art should become a game and a pleasure, give up heritage, should destroy oppressive values, release vital energy, lead to wild and deep pleasure, is "free from culture to return to what was animal, primitive". Due to this, sprouts of anti-culture, happening, pornography and cyber shamanism appeared. An attempt is made to identify the causes of traditional desacralization and the emergence of new sacred and religious symbols in today's postmodern conditions.
doi:10.35433/philosophicalsciences.1(87).2020.5-14 fatcat:uft73nrwgve3ppmlwazwhjymv4