Artificial Intelligence-Based Decision-Making Algorithms, Internet of Things Sensing Networks, and Deep Learning-Assisted Smart Process Management in Cyber-Physical Production Systems

Mihai Andronie, George Lăzăroiu, Mariana Iatagan, Cristian Uță, Roxana Ștefănescu, Mădălina Cocoșatu
2021 Electronics  
With growing evidence of deep learning-assisted smart process planning, there is an essential demand for comprehending whether cyber-physical production systems (CPPSs) are adequate in managing complexity and flexibility, configuring the smart factory. In this research, prior findings were cumulated indicating that the interoperability between Internet of Things-based real-time production logistics and cyber-physical process monitoring systems can decide upon the progression of operations
more » ... ing a system to the intended state in CPPSs. We carried out a quantitative literature review of ProQuest, Scopus, and the Web of Science throughout March and August 2021, with search terms including "cyber-physical production systems", "cyber-physical manufacturing systems", "smart process manufacturing", "smart industrial manufacturing processes", "networked manufacturing systems", "industrial cyber-physical systems," "smart industrial production processes", and "sustainable Internet of Things-based manufacturing systems". As we analyzed research published between 2017 and 2021, only 489 papers met the eligibility criteria. By removing controversial or unclear findings (scanty/unimportant data), results unsupported by replication, undetailed content, or papers having quite similar titles, we decided on 164, chiefly empirical, sources. Subsequent analyses should develop on real-time sensor networks, so as to configure the importance of artificial intelligence-driven big data analytics by use of cyber-physical production networks.
doi:10.3390/electronics10202497 fatcat:rryhw72fhvalloix23qkxwh4ca