A Case Study of a Taiwan-based International Car Company as to its Execution of Customer Relationship Management

Chung Ming Lin
2019 The International Journal of Business & Management  
Introduction Faced with market globalization, deregulation and competiveness, all businesses need to have a solid understanding and knowledge of markets, products and customers. They should design the most appropriate strategies to reduce resource waste and enhancing transaction performance, thus boosting their competitive cutting edge. The purpose of customer relationship management consists in managing the relationship between a business and its current and potential customers. It places
more » ... s on systematically identifying customer needs and customer purchase behavior. Businesses need to establish an ideal model of customer relationship management through which customers from different locations are serially linked. This paves the way for more business opportunities and higher profits. This study compares and contrasts the logistics and the information flow of an international enterprise. Case study research is employed on an international enterprise for empirical analysis. The meaning and implication of customer relationship management are investigated and the mutual relations between important constructs of customer relationship management are explored through case analysis. This study, hopefully, can regulate the execution procedure of customer relationship management and assure its success as well. The model of customer relationship management proposed by the present research can be referred to by Taiwanese international enterprises in their development of customer relationship management. Literature review Meaning of Customer Relationship Management Customer relationship management (CRM) is the use of continuous customer interaction to improve customer service relationships, assist in customer retention, develop potential customers and drive sales growth. With the 21 st century being regarded as the "era of consumer economy," effective implementation of CRM can increase profit for enterprises. Table 1 shows different definitions of CRM available in literature. Abstract: Customer relationship management can be regarded, in essence, as execution of a business strategy. It aims to optimize long-term customer value. Company general affairs, marketing and customer service all need to be customer-oriented. Businesses that develop culture, strategy and leadership by taking customers into the first consideration can effectively perform customer relationship management with the help of information technology on the one hand, and precisely measure overall outcome on the other hand. The present study conducts an empirical study on an enterprise using case study research. The purpose of this study is investigating the meaning and implication of customer relationship management implemented by an international enterprise. This case study hopefully can help find mutual relations between different important constructs of customer relationship management, thus developing a successful customer relationship management model for regulating the performing procedure of customer relationship management and assuring successful customer relationship management of an international enterprise.
doi:10.24940/theijbm/2019/v7/i7/bm1907-024 fatcat:n5om5vv3irh3xm3ituwzi5zt5i