Peak axial-velocity decay with single- and multi-element nozzles

1972 10th Aerospace Sciences Meeting   unpublished
Jet peak-velocity decay data were obtained for a variety of circular and noncircular singleelement and multi-element nozzles for application to externally-blown-flap STOL aircraft. These data permit a rational approach, in terms of element type and element spacing, to nozzles designed to promote mixing of the jet exhaust with the surrounding air. Rapid mixing and the resulting lower axial jet velocity decreases the noise caused by the interaction of jet impingement on the flap assembly of EBF
more » ... p assembly of EBF STOL aircraft. Empirical relationships are presented that permit the prediction of peak axial-velocity decay curves for a wide spectrum of mixer-type nozzles. The data are useful also in the design of ejector-type noise suppressors and for the suppression of VTOL downwash velocities caused by vertically oriented exhaust nozzles.
doi:10.2514/6.1972-48 fatcat:35yjdb4bubfbhdjmeepp3pgyae