Strongly enhancing photostimulated luminescence by doping Tm^3+ in Sr_3SiO_5: Eu^2+

Xia Liu, Jiahua Zhang, Xia Zhang, Zhendong Hao, Jun Qiao, Xiaoling Dong
2013 Optics Letters  
We report a large enhancement of yellow photostimulated luminescence (PSL) by codoping Tm 3 in Sr 3 SiO 5 :Eu 2 upon infrared stimulation at 980 nm after pre-exposure in Ultraviolet light. The initial PSL intensity and light storage capacity are enhanced by a factor of 33 and 2, respectively, for Tm 3 concentration at 0.0004. The thermoluminescence spectra indicate that codoping Tm 3 generates a trap peaking at 385 K. The trap is much more sensitive to infrared light than the original one, so
more » ... original one, so that the light storage period of the material is beyond tens of days with the minimum detectable infrared power density only 54 μW∕cm 2 .
doi:10.1364/ol.38.000148 pmid:23454944 fatcat:4c3xjp7oqfcqpfelno2brvlaba