Tectonic development of the Eastern Mediterranean region: an introduction

Alastair H. F. Robertson, Demosthenis Mountrakis
2006 Geological Society Special Publication  
The Eastern Mediterranean is one of the key regions for the understanding of fundamental tectonic processes, including continental rifting, passive margins, ophiolites, subduction, accretion, collision and post-collisional exhumation. It is also ideal for understanding the interaction of tectonic, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic processes through time that eventually lead to the development of an orogenic belt. Below, we will outline some milestones in the development of tectonic-related
more » ... search in the Eastern Mediterranean region. We will mention how studies of the Eastern Mediterranean contribute to our understanding of fundamental tectonic processes and indicate how papers in this volume contribute to this aim. Current and emerging research themes will be highlighted. We will also outline the main alternative tectonic reconstructions of the region (see Fig. 1 ), and mention which of these the different contributors favour. Tethyan nomenclature remains controversial and we will suggest an appropriate informal terminology for the various oceanic basins that existed. An entr6e to some of the key literature sources is also provided. Citations here are mainly to edited volumes, which provide access to this large subject area. Many of the papers in this book integrate and synthesize large amounts of geological information for extended periods of geological time. The papers are ordered in a general time sequence with a view to linking those that consider comparable tectonic setting and processes. The locations of the areas are shown in Figures 2 and 3. Figure 2 also shows the main sutures, and Figure 3 illustrates the main neotectonic elements of the region.
doi:10.1144/gsl.sp.2006.260.01.01 fatcat:hcllzko6mzd63pmuozp5emi3vy