Content Management Social Organizational and Technical Systems of Internal Affairs Bodies

2019 Vestnik policii  
The article discusses the quality and content of management decisions made in the implementation of procedures for managing social organizational and technical systems of internal affairs bodies. The analysis of the structure and ways to improve the efficiency of solving complex management problems in conditions of uncertainty are presented. It is definitely that in cases of rapid change in the situation, increased efficiency in work is required, including by reducing the time for processing,
more » ... alyzing and issuing information to the decision-maker and personnel of the governing bodies. Two groups and three main principles of organization of information flows are identified. It was concluded that the basis of the activities of the management entities is a close combination of the official's creative work with accurate calculation carried out using computer technology, qualitative analysis and quantitative substantiation of the management of individual components of the social organizational and technical system of internal affairs bodies. This circumstance is a complex integrated intellectual-information process, which requires the development of a number of new technical, software and information support.
doi:10.13187/vesp.2019.1.14 fatcat:pvmclsihbbd4zdmohqxaojpty4