Miscellaneous Moldova's Race Against time to Adhering to the European Union

Romeo-Victor Ionescu
The paper deals to the idea of supporting Moldova"s adhering to the EU as soon as possible. In order to have a scientific approach of this process, the analysis is focused on four representative economic indicators (GDP growth rate, unemployment and inflation rates and public debt). The comparative analysis between EU average, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova covers 2009-2015. It is coupled with the regression analysis, in order to quantify the disparities between the above four economic entities.
more » ... economic entities. The intermediate results of the analysis in the paper support the cluster approach for the four economies. A distinct part of the analysis is the use of forecasting procedures for all four economic indicators, in order to highlight the possibility of decreasing the economic disparities between Moldova and the other three economies at the end of 2020. The main conclusion of the paper is that Moldova is not able to achieve the EU average economic development even in 2020. This is why a political decision can be change this unoptimistic conclusion. The analysis in the paper is supported by the latest official statistic data, pertinent tables and diagrams.