Representation of the Other in social advertising: Analysis of the graphic advertising of NGDOs in social networks

Claudia Donis
This article examines social advertising's discourse and representation of the "Other", understood as any social or cultural group of people depicted in such advertising message. The article describes the features used in recent decades by social advertising to represent minority groups or groups of people in a situation of vulnerability or exclusion. The study is based on the analysis of the representation of the Other in the graphic advertising disseminated by NGDOs in social networks, in
more » ... n, between 2011-2016. A sample of advertising messages is subjected to content analysis to identify the sectors targeted and depicted by NGDOs and the differences in their representations, as well as the type of discourses used to portray these groups. The critical analysis of the discourse and image aims to determine whether NGDOs legitimise social relations of subordination between social and cultural groups. Finally, the article examines some theoretical proposals based on the transformation of the representations and discourse of the Other (minorities and vulnerable cultural and social groups) in the social advertising of NGDOs, to identify ways to avoid social representations that legitimise relations of inequality among the populations depicted by the advertising discourse, as a first step towards an improvement in this area.