On the Correlation Distribution for a Ternary Niho Decimation [article]

Yongbo Xia, Nian Li, Xiangyong Zeng, Tor Helleseth
2016 arXiv   pre-print
In this paper, let n=2m and d=3^m+1-2 with m≥2 and (d,3^n-1)=1. By studying the weight distribution of the ternary Zetterberg code and counting the numbers of solutions of some equations over the finite field F_3^n, the correlation distribution between a ternary m-sequence of period 3^n-1 and its d-decimation sequence is completely determined. This is the first time that the correlation distribution for a non-binary Niho decimation has been determined since 1976.
arXiv:1612.06686v1 fatcat:7s7uaqmdunhmvbz2uiqzwdizqe