Enhanced AODV Routing Protocol Using Leader Election Algorithm

Hemant D.
2015 International Journal on Recent and Innovation Trends in Computing and Communication  
Failure of communication link in mobile ADHOC network is major issue. For the failure of link the performance of network is degraded. Due to mobility of mobile node brake the communication link and path of routing is failed. For the repairing of routing node used various algorithm such as leader election, distributed and selection algorithm. The failure of link decease the performance of routing protocol in mobile ad-hoc network, for the improvement of quality of service in mobile ad-hoc
more » ... obile ad-hoc network various authors proposed a different model and method for prediction of link. The prediction of link decreases the failure rate of mobile node during communication. The leader election algorithm plays a major role in link failure prediction algorithm the process of link failure prediction implied in form of distributed node distribution. Proposed a new link stability prediction method based on current link-related or user-related information in shadowed environments. The modified protocol acquired the process of thresholds priority Oder on the basic of neighbor's node. The selection of neighbor node deepens on the mode operation in three sections. According to order of state create cluster of priority of group. After creation of group calculate average threshold value and compare each group value with minimum threshold value and pass the control message for communication. Through this process mode of activation state of node is minimized the time of route establishment and maintenance. The selection of proper node in minimum time and other node in sleep mode the consumption of power is reduces. We modified SBRP protocol for selection of node during on demand request node according to sleep and activation mode of communication. Each node locally assigned priority value of node. For the evaluation of performance used network simulator NS-2.35. And simulate two protocol one is AODV-LE protocol, these protocol patch are available for the simulation purpose. And another protocol is AODV-LE-ME. AODV-LE-ME protocol is modified protocol of leader election protocol for the selection of mobile node during the communication.
doi:10.17762/ijritcc2321-8169.150162 fatcat:47wyu4y5nvapppgtvish22bksa