Effect of Surface Tension Variations on the Pinch-Off Behavior of Small Fluid Drops in the Presence of Surfactants

M. Roché, M. Aytouna, D. Bonn, H. Kellay
2009 Physical Review Letters  
It is shown experimentally that surfactants can change the thinning rate of fluid necks undergoing rupture. In the case of two-fluid pinch-off, two or three linear regimes are observed for the variation of the neck radius versus time. The surface tension in the neck region changes with time, as a result of surfactant depletion. Similar results are obtained for the case of a single fluid pinching in air. The depletion of surfactant can be either partial or complete depending on the rate of
more » ... ort of the surfactant from the bulk to the surface.
doi:10.1103/physrevlett.103.264501 pmid:20366315 fatcat:jo6rsuov5ndfbcqgm3ehdfia4m