Е.В. Витун, В.Г. Витун
Currently, one of the new areas of genetics is gaining particular popularity, namely, sports genetics. Based on the methods of this science, it is possible to predict the most successful type for the person engaged in sports activity. If earlier the selection for sports sections was practically not carried out or was carried out by the trainer at the level of intuition, now it is possible to connect the scientific component to the selection. The selection, carried out on the basis of sports
more » ... basis of sports genetics, will allow the trainees to most reliably determine the choice of the sport for training, as well as to provide the possibility of correcting the load, drawing up a training program and a balanced nutrition program. The aim of our research is to identify the regularity of the inheritance of sports abilities among students. The scientific novelty of our research is that: studied new literary sources, on the basis of which the solution of the tasks of our research is carried out; the possibilities of using sports genetics for selection in sports sections in accordance with the available physical and psychological abilities of the student are considered; a survey and analysis of the level of physical development of students who go in for basketball were carried out to determine the correspondence of their physical data to the chosen kind of sport. The practical significance of the work lies in the possibility of using the data obtained by the coaches of the national teams of universities to select the most promising players from a large number of willing teams. The use of the achievements of sports genetics in sports selection will allow bringing the quality of the training process to a higher level, and will also have a positive impact on the achievement of maximum athletes' maximum sports results.
doi:10.25683/volbi.2020.53.456 fatcat:ioxgswcykzbxxb2twuaupjrd5q